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Langerado Bootleg Collecting

I have been busily collecting all the Langerado bootlegs as I have found them. My sources thus far have been from the Langerado Music Festival Message Board,, and of course

There have been several 24-bit DVD sources which is excellent due to the quality over ye ole’ 16-bit CD’s. Etree should encourage 24-bit only IMO as the purity of the seed is very important. 24-bit recordings include the Flaming Lips, Lake Trout, and Pnuma Trio which all came from sleepypedro of Big shout out to him. If you want any of these sources, I am always up for a B&P, just ask. Anyway, lets see what sources I have added to the stash…

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Langerado Music Festival

I traveled down to Fort Lauderdale for the fourth Langerado Music Festival. Truely one of the most supreme concert trips I have ever taken. Shouts to everyone I saw, you know who you are, and all my friends. Esp the core. You crazy bisco kids, I love y’all. Anyway, ‘nuf blabering, what did I get to catch:
Johny Sketch and the Dirty Notes
Hot Buttered Rum
Benvento/Russo Duo
Perpetual Groove
Late: Disco Biscuits

Burning Spear
Umphrey’s McGee
The Flaming Lips
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
Late: Umphrey’s McGee

G.Love and Special Sauce
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
Robert Randolph and The Family Band
Spam Allstars
Keller Williams
The Black Crowes
Late: Conspirator with Brothers Past

I’ll do a better review later.

Wake up and rage! This shit was not flacid.

New Turn Based Strategy Game: Galactic Civilizations II

Yes it’s time for a geek post. Since I was a little child, I have always appreciated a good PC game. Having acquired quite a large library of PC games I think I am qualified to recommend games.

That being said, lets talk about Galactic Civilizations II, a turn based strategy game from the independent developer Stardock Systems. What we have here is a genuine 4X strategy that aspires to be fun and intuitive like Civilization 4 in borrowing some new interface designs. The game is available for download directly or in stores. I am unsure if it is at Best Buy or EB Games here in the ‘ville just yet (course your know Gamestop doesn’t have it as their PC selection sucks). I will post up some more impressions as I get further into the game however, I urge anyone who loves a good strategy game to check this one out.

Upcoming Music for the Week 2/19-2/25

These are shows that I am interested in or think someone else might be.  The list is incomplete and bias.  Furthermore, I will try to update this through the week as I am tired of getting caught off guard.  Later on I will post up, notable upcoming stuff past this week.  Enjoy!
Sunday, 2/19:

  • Scot Sax @ Starr Hill, Doors: 9:00 PM
  • Calf Mountain Jam @ Gravity Lounge: 8:00 PM

Tuesday, 2/21:

  • HEM, Ben Weaver @ Starr Hill, Doors:  8:00 PM

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Last Year’s Music Flashback

So I went to see quite a bit of music last year. This year is looking good too. Here is a list of most of the shows I saw in 2005

Year in Review:

  • Dirty Dozen Brass Band 2/10/2005
  • Gov’t Mule 2/20/2005
  • Particle 3/3/2005
  • Mofro 4/10/2005
  • The Codetalkers 4/15/2005
  • Widespread Panic 4/20/2005
  • Hydra with Mickey Hart & Particle 4/24/2005
  • Benevento/Russo Duo w/ Mike Gordon 4/27/2005
  • Benevento/Russo Duo w/ Mike Gordon 4/28/2005
  • Widespread Panic 5/7/2005
  • Haymaker Festival 5/20/2005 & 5/21/2005
  • Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe 6/10/2005
  • Big Summer Classic 7/15/2005
  • Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe 7/27/2005
  • Sam Bush 9/9/2005
  • Particle 9/19/2005
  • Widespread Panic 9/20/2005
  • Particle 9/20/2005
  • Tea Leaf Green 09/22/2005
  • Allman Brothers Band 09/28/2005
  • Keller Williams 10/02/2005
  • The Rolling Stones 10/6/2005
  • Railroad Earth 10/13/2005
  • Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon 11/1/2005
  • Galactic 11/14/2005
  • Benevento/Russo Duo 11/16/2005
  • JackAss Flats & Special Ed and The Shortbus Bluegrass Band 12/02/2005
  • Benevento/Russo Duo w/ Mike Gordon 12/27/2005
  • Hackensaw Boys 12/31/2005

Which was my favorite?  Benevento/Russo Duo w/ Mike Gordon 12/27/2005