Welcome Nome! Re: Alaska Dot Experiment

My friends,

I announce a milestone for our experiment.  The Alaska post is a success!  Judging by the Clustrmap below, we have successfully lured 1 – 2 people to click on this site and see what the heck I am spouting about!   I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to this including Crazyredbeard who was here to inspire the post and especially that or those Alaskan(s) who went for the sweet sweet honeypot post.  Being that Alaska doesn’t have many cities it would appear the person resides near Nome, Alaska.  This wonderful city of approximately 3,500 was featured in the Simpsons Movie and is a port for the southern point of the middle Alaska peninsula.  Even though small, Nome also features two airports.  Nome was first formed during a gold rush around 1890 and had the notable citizen of Wyatt Earp during its boom days.  The city had a problem with claim jumping so the US Government setup Fort Davis on the outskirts with 100 soldiers to keep the boom manageable.

Thank you Nome and welcome.