Spring Fever!

Hello everyone!  Pleased to meet your acquaintance.  This here is a blog and by golly we are going to blog some.

Phish Hampton 3/7/2009

Hey look at these guys!  If you didn’t know, Phish reunited on March 7, 2009 in Hampton, Virginia to rock our brains out.  Touting their Phish economic stimulus plan and scheduling tour dates around the country for summer, Phish ensures that all Hooters will serve a week’s worth of wings with beer and the local gas stations will have no Camel Lights for quite some time.  Indeed these are quite exciting times for all corner stores within a 2 mile radius of any venue.  For Seven Eleven specifically, I suggest they stock up on Doritos and that nacho cheese stuff… quite tasty.

How does three nights of potential and almost five years of waiting feel and sound like when these guys hit the stage?  The crush of the crowd against the gates to go through the checkpoint was picking people off their feet.  Inside the venue people would sprint be sprinting right to buy a poster, left to get some Page side action.  Finally the lights went out and it was on!   Have a listen to this fluffy fluffy head opener in juicy 24-bit [Right click to save as FLAC] or poser low end [MP3].

Some debate has gone into what the opener meant for the band.  Fluff Head is quite symbolic for its lack of being played for so long.  In the end, after Phish played songs from ever album they had, the song had one meaning.  They are back baby.

In closing, Phish is back and this is a real post.  You lucky people, this site has various side projects that never hit the scene.  Perhaps soon I will utilize some of the potential of the intertubes to deliver music.  I think it is getting cheap enough!  Fear not for I cannot let this crappy site die!