Please everyone write your legislator as we are nearing a time when Dominion gets another monopoly after we just were freed from it.

Del. Harvey Morgan, R-Gloucester, warned that Hogan’s measure could help an already prospering Dominion to get even richer at the expense of its 2 million Virginia customers. He also suggested “re-regulation” is being rammed through the legislature in too much of a rush.

From Bill to end electricity deregulation clears Senate – DailyProgress

I wrote the State Corporation Commission to make sure what was happening is true and this was the response:

As the legislation now stands, it would end retail electric choice for residential and most business customers. That would include the 1,335 retail customers in Virginia currently receiving their electricity supply service from a competitive supplier providing renewable energy options. The proposed legislation includes incentives for utilities like Dominion Virginia Power to use renewable sources of energy through voluntary renewable portfolio standards.

Andy Farmer
Education Resources Manager
State Corporation Commission

You can see the two bills here:
Senate 1416
House 3515