Live painting from 01/05/07: Frankfest @ The Canal Club, Richmond, VA

oh yeah, Joe? you had a few predictions and resolutions, did you? well i had a few myself, and they are these:

to continue to try and to manage more and more responsibilities at work and at home. this includes the art thing. balance is key and something i’m trying to achieve without it overwhelming/frustrating me. what can i say? i can be lazy.

to be a better counselor at the group home that i work for.

to not worry so much and to enjoy things more.

and finally, to create more live paintings this year than i ever have prior. so, with that in mind, Friday night was a nice little kick off to the year at Frankfest. check out my blog for specifics if you’re interested…here’s the painting in the meantime, lovelies.

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Happy New Year

Potomac River, Washington DC, 2006-12-29
Happy New Year everyone. Yes, the blog has been neglected for some time, but please do not interpret that as me not caring. Remember, I pay for this shiz so obviously I am going to use it. I try not to do sappy goals, but I believe last year I resolved to see more music than I had ever before and it happened. I will do a yearly round up soon. Again, let’s keep resolutions realistic:

1. Tape more music. I saw a lot and could have taped more… well not much more but still.
2. Challenge my mind. I want to read more and expand my horizons some. This can include sports, friends and just acquiring new skills.
3. Be a better person. This involves being patient and understanding for everyone. I want to respect my sisters and brothers the best I can and hope for the same.
4. Keep on being me and being free.

5.23423424234234. Yes it is decimal because we know it probably won’t happen but I want to do a blog post every week. Perhaps some poetry too.

I owe you all a lot of pictures and sketchy videos. They will be delivered.

Peace out you all and have a great year.

Joe’s Predictions:

2007 will suck more than 2006. I am sorry but I think it will happen. We’ll have a good run with the democrats controlling congress and the senate, however ‘ole Dub-ya will veto the crap out of stuff. He doesn’t seem to be on the side of the people. We will see a growth of people wanting the general good for the earth, however corruption will play a key part in the downfall of some great parts. Open source will spur the private sector to invest greatly into the future.

2008 will bring the end of the darker times. The Middle East will be a disaster however, in that wake people will gain a common appreciation for each other.

2009 has gains in the technological field including unfathomable processing capacity along with the advent of a more flexible programming language that makes software easier and less prone to bugs. This will be supported by an open source movement.

2010 will bring the end to storage problems for personal data.

2011 all information will finally be free.

2012. We’ll see what happens at the end of the Mayan calendar. The human capacity to acknowledge and consume information will become infinitely more accessible, giving rise to unlimited knowledge.

People will recognize that we are connected in many more ways that what appears. Thoughts and ideas will be more easily shared.
Potomac River, 2006-12-29 Afternoon