D.U.M.B Tour Brings Battle of the Bands to Charlottesville Pavilion

Biscuits Charlottesville
Umphrey’s McGee and the Disco Biscuits took turns rocking the Pavilion Wednesday night. Umphrey’s started it out during the day with a smaller but dedicated crowd. People rolled in until well after the Disco Biscuits started playing. I got some sweet tapes out of it. We ran about 45′ FOB 8′ high, 24″ right of center. The sound was tweaked where the bass was right in the sweet spot. Either way both bands were excellent and everyone had a great time.

Big thanks to the crowd and security for making the venue such a great success.

Kings of Belmont
After the big show everyone dispersed to do their bidding. Balloons seemed present and welcomed. Everyone needs a good laugh. That being said, we made our way to Obit to check out Tucker’s fantastic Wednesday Night Music Showcase where the Kings of Belmont (K.O.B.) rocked it out with a high energy infused rocking party. People were getting down while Max tore notes well into the night.

Set List:

06.27.07 WED
Charlottesville Pavilion

I: Jam> Plunger> JO> Plunger-> Rock Fuzz> Partyin’ Peeps, Wizard Burial Ground> Stew,
Thin Air, Great American, Got Your Milk (Right Here)> All In Time, YYZ

I: Caterpillar, Highwire> 7-11> Above the Waves (Inverted)> (Echoes fakeout)> Spaga>
Story of the World, Spacebirdmatingcall

Encore: Rock Candy

Disco Biscuit Videos:

Kings of Belmont Videos:

Interesting Look at my new ClustrMaps

I added the little ClustrMaps feature which basically traces your IP address to a location (semi-accurate I would figure) and then plots it onto this world map at the bottom of the sidebar over here. This should be a fun little tool. Either way, looking at my traffic for the first day you can extract some interesting information about my webpage. First, it seems that I am not getting very much traffic. Ah. It is so relaxing to have such an exciting blog. Where was I now? Oh yea, second, I believe that in fact two people have look at this site today. One was myself and the other seems to be someone from India. Don’t get my wrong here, I am sure my content could in fact attract an Indian viewer, however it is much more likely that instead it was simply the spam bots traversing the finer strands of the internet looking for another blog to riddle with the usual advertisements we’d all rather not see.

Again, a review of my traffic is below:

Just me and the spammer

Oh well. I hope they enjoy it as much as anyone else does.

Installing Windows XP to a SATA drive on a A8N-SLI Deluxe

I have had some problems installing Windows XP onto a SATA drive for boot on my Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe.

My setup is as follows:
74 gig Raptor on the boot
2 x 500 GB SATA raid-1 for my bootlegs
500 GB drive is just for games and junk, music, etc

Remember, SATA drives are a bit too new for the old XP installer and you need to load drivers from the disk.

Anyway, the install went fine but after the final install sequence upon reboot I would get errors such as “Missing Operating System”. Other times I got lucky and passed that one but then the system would blue screen on boot. Some suggestions were to change your bios settings. This sounds unreasonable as the latest bios has worked fine before this reconfiguration.

It gets really frustrating after four or five reinstalls, with some full formats sometimes just to be sure. Either way. Finally I have come up with a winning solution to get everything going. I had to do was install XP with only the Raptor plugged in. Soon as I did that, it was cake. The bootloader was getting screwed up because of how the system reads the BIOS for SATA drives.