Interesting Look at my new ClustrMaps

I added the little ClustrMaps feature which basically traces your IP address to a location (semi-accurate I would figure) and then plots it onto this world map at the bottom of the sidebar over here. This should be a fun little tool. Either way, looking at my traffic for the first day you can extract some interesting information about my webpage. First, it seems that I am not getting very much traffic. Ah. It is so relaxing to have such an exciting blog. Where was I now? Oh yea, second, I believe that in fact two people have look at this site today. One was myself and the other seems to be someone from India. Don’t get my wrong here, I am sure my content could in fact attract an Indian viewer, however it is much more likely that instead it was simply the spam bots traversing the finer strands of the internet looking for another blog to riddle with the usual advertisements we’d all rather not see.

Again, a review of my traffic is below:

Just me and the spammer

Oh well. I hope they enjoy it as much as anyone else does.

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