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Spring Fever!

Hello everyone!  Pleased to meet your acquaintance.  This here is a blog and by golly we are going to blog some.

Phish Hampton 3/7/2009

Hey look at these guys!  If you didn’t know, Phish reunited on March 7, 2009 in Hampton, Virginia to rock our brains out.  Touting their Phish economic stimulus plan and scheduling tour dates around the country for summer, Phish ensures that all Hooters will serve a week’s worth of wings with beer and the local gas stations will have no Camel Lights for quite some time.  Indeed these are quite exciting times for all corner stores within a 2 mile radius of any venue.  For Seven Eleven specifically, I suggest they stock up on Doritos and that nacho cheese stuff… quite tasty.

How does three nights of potential and almost five years of waiting feel and sound like when these guys hit the stage?  The crush of the crowd against the gates to go through the checkpoint was picking people off their feet.  Inside the venue people would sprint be sprinting right to buy a poster, left to get some Page side action.  Finally the lights went out and it was on!   Have a listen to this fluffy fluffy head opener in juicy 24-bit [Right click to save as FLAC] or poser low end [MP3].

Some debate has gone into what the opener meant for the band.  Fluff Head is quite symbolic for its lack of being played for so long.  In the end, after Phish played songs from ever album they had, the song had one meaning.  They are back baby.

In closing, Phish is back and this is a real post.  You lucky people, this site has various side projects that never hit the scene.  Perhaps soon I will utilize some of the potential of the intertubes to deliver music.  I think it is getting cheap enough!  Fear not for I cannot let this crappy site die!


Event Horrizion

As the camera continues to import pictures involving things which I have found more interesting, I ponder the most incomplete year roundup of information. I promise no more posts this year, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. I predict that at some point in the future, I will be partying on a beach, in the Caribbean, with people who which may be close or even have similar names. Wacky. Pimping ain’t easy. Nah. It’s fucking easy. Sleazy deazy. Schmeazy Wheezy.

Absent babel continues to dominate the thought which is pouring out of the mind. sometimes the top looks very blank, but there are streaks of texture which are striking. I guess in their abstract form, we each see our own goals and aspirations. Isn’t it ironic that hell is under ground, however all the heat in my house comes from the top? Actually, sometimes it comes from the sides, but this really isn’t the most important subject which you or I need to cover.

Preparation is transparent at the end of the presentation. Because the end result, however so simple, creates another automation of complication which yields ridiculously results of supreme awesomeness. Do not underestimate your initial reaction. The guise is revealed under, “first is the best”. Further, being that most people are not inclined to doubt themselves each idea is weighed with an imbalance. If another iteration is wrong, the previous was more right. If the subsequent contribution is true, it was still the second choice where there is a false pretense that the initial could have been a superior judgment. Funny how those things work. Remember, learn from all mistakes.

Looking to see which microphones are bringing most excellent stereo separation brings to light the obvious truth: SBD (xlr out) > V3 (optical out) > Nomad JB3 @ 44.1 khz. Still, YMBS2005-10-08 is crazy nasty sound.

I lost track. My apologies; we shall continue this post as planed. Pictures in order.
crowd light Widespread Panic struck North Charleston at the beginning of November.

Bobby Lee Rodgers Bobby Lee parked his RV outside Gottrocks in Greenville, SC over the Thanksgiving weekend to entertain beside members of The Bridge. He is a class act and even played Saturn’s Around the Bend for me.

sunset1 Some days you drive home from work tired as shit, other times you feel energized and excited. I cannot help but be the latter.

blurry tony rice When legends come to town with your favorite bluegrass player this side of the Natural Bridge, Va, you can’t help but take a really blurry picture of him.

Mr Other nights it comes down to pizza sacrifice at Christan’s. Whoever decided that they stay open until 3 AM was a genus.

Fun links:

MP3: Larry Keel (zip:

MP3: Toubab Krewe (zip:

MP3s suck to burn, get the perfect copy for free through ftp.

You may experience slight twiching The site is crazy due to this new theme, but it’ll force me the change it right? Perhaps it is a reflection of my surroundings. Either way, I’ll get to fixing it. On the other hand, I did a little update of the live music taping page. Upcoming events include Jamaica for the Caribbean Holidaze event where Benevento Russo Duo takes stage with the fantastic Umphrey’s McGee and Disco Biscuits. It will be good. I’m also hoping to take the gear with me. Fantastic tapes. Either way, winter will be warm in the tropics. Here is a taste of my taping page:My rig consists of Studio Project C4s running into an Apogee Mini-Me for A/D and then via SPDIF into my Microtrack 24/96 (usually at 24bit/48khz). I am proud to be a member of is a listing a shows which I have either recorded or helped transfer that are on the archive…


oo-oo-oo-oo oo-oo, it’s all right.
My time’s comin’ but it’s not tonight.


Get out the tents and set up the floods
Bring in the trucks and make some more mud
Then get the hell out of my way ’cause I’m gonna get wasted
As magic gasses fill the air
It’s bad for your health but I don’t care
This’ll all be gone tomorrow but we’ll still be able to taste it
The golden chord is frayed. what was that song they played
Our steed lies melting in the sun
They flooded the parking lot, out tent begins to rot
And I’m in love with everyone.

I know everything will be alright
My time’s comin’ but it’s not tonight
So let’s keep going ’til the morning light if it’s free I’ll take it
I know everything will come back ’round
Five white horses on an ocean of sound
Until it all comes crashing down like the walls of Jericho

Stop, children, what’s that sound
Another bunch of phreaks just rolled into town
In a broken down bus with a crew that’s fallin’ to pieces
You got to get up, stand up, walk a straight line
Been drunk for three days but you’re doin’ fine
Just a little bit out of your mind but you’re takin’ it easy
All you really need is one more hour of sleep so you
Lay your head upon the floor
Just a little sleep before it gets too deep
You wake up come back for more

I know everything will be alright
My time’s comin’ but it’s not tonight
So let’s keep going ’til the morning light if it’s free I’ll take it
I know everything will come back ’round
Five white horses on an ocean of sound
Until it all comes crashing down yes I know we can
Make it to the other side
Everything is blowin’ my mind
The man on the magic tricycle would like to take you for a ride.

-ALO (Walls of Jericho)


Pictures are from the STS9 RE:GENERATION Festival that just happened July 6th and 7th down at Deerfields near Asheville, NC


Duo New Song:

The Join (Duo + New Deal):

Duo Jams with Jeffrey Lerner of STS9

Duo gives us some late night action

D.U.M.B Tour Brings Battle of the Bands to Charlottesville Pavilion

Biscuits Charlottesville
Umphrey’s McGee and the Disco Biscuits took turns rocking the Pavilion Wednesday night. Umphrey’s started it out during the day with a smaller but dedicated crowd. People rolled in until well after the Disco Biscuits started playing. I got some sweet tapes out of it. We ran about 45′ FOB 8′ high, 24″ right of center. The sound was tweaked where the bass was right in the sweet spot. Either way both bands were excellent and everyone had a great time.

Big thanks to the crowd and security for making the venue such a great success.

Kings of Belmont
After the big show everyone dispersed to do their bidding. Balloons seemed present and welcomed. Everyone needs a good laugh. That being said, we made our way to Obit to check out Tucker’s fantastic Wednesday Night Music Showcase where the Kings of Belmont (K.O.B.) rocked it out with a high energy infused rocking party. People were getting down while Max tore notes well into the night.

Set List:

06.27.07 WED
Charlottesville Pavilion

I: Jam> Plunger> JO> Plunger-> Rock Fuzz> Partyin’ Peeps, Wizard Burial Ground> Stew,
Thin Air, Great American, Got Your Milk (Right Here)> All In Time, YYZ

I: Caterpillar, Highwire> 7-11> Above the Waves (Inverted)> (Echoes fakeout)> Spaga>
Story of the World, Spacebirdmatingcall

Encore: Rock Candy

Disco Biscuit Videos:

Kings of Belmont Videos:

Damn, long time no post

Yeah yeah, what the hell right? I haven’t posted in almost three months. Three months! I make a pledge, yes, you heard it. To make sure that I post at least every four months. You heard it here first folks. Anyway, I am going to the Duo at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC saturday night. It’ll be sweet, hopefully the boys aren’t tired.

How about that Trey show. For as much shit that I talk about Trey, he rocked it out. I hate to admit that I was grining as hard as I ever would (or can remember) at a good Phish show. Speaking of the boys, check out Tom Marshall’s blog post about the Phish looking for a new home. Charlottesville is a good town. Soon as Coran Capshaw re-opens the Jefferson as an indoor venue to shows, balcony with seats, downstairs is floor space, few tables on the sides, same as the State Theatre, we will have pretty much every accomidating venue possible for music.

Speaking of music, last night I was struck silly of the choices of music in the area. First up of couse was Orbit’s Wesnesday Night Showcase. The sweet sounds of funk, soul, rock, and even ween flow through the corner of the Corner as garage doors are opened full. Next at Starr Hill three different bands including Richmond’s own the Grove. Some Widespread Panic love came from Crozet where Bloodkin ripped out some crazy twanging good times. Rebel Vibe from D.C., which I attended, brought the raggae sound. When I was driving home from work Wednesday night, I thought to myself, I really want to listen to some reggae and then boom, get a phone call form friends and away we go.

Charlottesville is an excellent musical city. I promise I’ll update with a full dump of everything I got pictures of. Hopefully soon I will manage to start a podcast of the shows I record. Maybe I’ll do a show. Should be fun. Updates ever four months right? Yup, leaving that window open. Peace y’all.

Widespread Panic does Charlottesville for Two Nights!

One of my buddies just pointed this out:

Widespread Panic: September 26th and 27th at the Charlottesville Pavilion
Pre-sale begins 8/15 @ 10am EST and ends 8/17 @ 5pm EST

$35.00 GA
On sale 8/18 @ 10am
Charlottesville Pavilion or call 877.CPAV.TIXX

Can I get a hells yeah! HELL YEAH. Two nights baby, they must really like us here. That is all.

Festival! All Good > 10,000 Lakes Festival

10,000 Lakes Main Field
What can I say? I love music festivals. If there was ever a speaker coming out of my head, it would sound like a festival. The music never stops. Basically All Good ran July 14th – 16th and then 10,000 Lakes was 19th – 22nd and man, that’s a lot of miles to travel. Over 500 miles round trip for All Good along with 2,800 miles for 10,000 Lakes makes for a weary traveler. Luckily I had some friends going out to 10KLF so I was able to fly out there and hitch a ride for the remaining 4 hours of driving. The company was great, the sights excellent and the music, well it was just damn good.

All Good 2006 Main Stage

    All Good, Marvin’s Mountaintop, Masontown, WV

This four day festival featured the unique situation of having no overlapping sets. With one main stage and then a side stage that fires up during the main breaks, All Good positions itself for maximum chilling action with zero hassle. You heard me, zero, its All Good man and they stick to it. I took my gear out there and was able to collect quite a few shows. This was a test run for 10,000 Lakes and it went very well except for my power going out right at the end of the GRAB set. Otherwise I was doing good.

What did I see?

All Good 2006, funny guys

Thursday: Brothers Past, Easy Star All-Stars – Radiodread, and Easy Star All-Stars – Dub Side

Friday: Oteil and the Peacemakers, Southern Culture on the Skids, John Medeski and The Itch, Les Claypool, Ween, GRAB, and The Disco Biscuits

Friday Sidestage: The Brakes, Soldiers of Jah Army, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Steel Train, The Bridge

Stand All Good 2006

Saturday: Donavon Frankenreiter, Galactic, Umphrey’s McGee, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, The Black Crowes, The Greyboy Allstars

Saturday Sidestage: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, ALO, The Hackensaw Boys

Saturday Ropeadope Stage: DJ Logic and Friends, Stanton Moore and Friends, Karl Denson and Friends

Favorite shows go to GRAB. They really smoked the house and the crowd was feeling it. Surprise of the festival goes to Easy Star All-Stars for their original stuff they played. It was sick!

10,000 Lakes Sunrise

    10,000 Lakes Festival, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

This festival was also extremely chill. We ran there with the VIP action so that ment nice, close camping, two meals a day, and most importantly, a lawn chair to put in the VIP section of the main field. I would especially like to thank Bill Higgins for helping out my friends and myself as we taped up a storm. I met up with some old friends, had the most relaxing lake swim ever and finally got to chill with my brothers from SC. Enough about me what did I see?

Wednesday: Trampled By Turtles, The Breakfast

Thursday: Garaj Mahal, Kimock/Perkins, O.A.R., String Cheese Incident, The Mutaytor

Friday: The Everyone Orchestra, The Keller Williams Incident, Phil Lesh and Friends, Umphrey’s McGee, Assembly of Dust

Saturday: U-Melt, Keller Williams, Benevento/Russo Duo feat. Mike Gordon, GRAB, Medeski Martin & Wood

10,000 Lakes GRAB

Favorites of this festival goes bar none to Phil Lesh and Friends. They freaking rocked the house man. Surprise of the festival goes to The Breakfast for the killer set they rocked out. Shouts go out to U-Melt and Tea Leaf, you guys rock, it was fun.

And you know the kicker, in that crazy week of music, I saw almost as many bands as I did last year. I will do some follow-up posts as I have fifteen hours of music from All Good and twenty hours from 10,000 Lakes.

Here are some links to my tapes thus far to tide y’all over:
GRAB 2006-07-22 @ 10KLF spc4>mme
10KLF – Benevento/Russo Duo feat. Mike Gordon 2006-07-22.spc4

10,000 Lakes Stands

InTents – July 11, 2006 @ Miller’s

Crazy Red Beard ran the house at Miller’s Tuesday night following up some excellent performances by some Richmond musicians. Charles was nice enough to allow the mics to run and InTents ran a nice 20 minute set. You can listen to it below. Set as follows:

July 11-2006
Charlottesville, Va

Source: SP-C4 > XLR > mme > S/PDIF > mt24/96
Transfer: Compact Flash > Audacity > (dbPowerAMP 16/44.1) > MP3
Taped By: Joseph Lawson (joekiller dot com)

Crazy Read Weird+ > Wish You Were Here* > Fearless > Wish You Were Here > A Lark, A Creek~ > Don’t Sweat the Small Things > CRW Reprise

+ – In memory of Syd Barrett
* – First Time Played
~ – Robot Revolt Teases; Run From the Shadows Teases

Listen to it here: