You may experience slight twiching The site is crazy due to this new theme, but it’ll force me the change it right? Perhaps it is a reflection of my surroundings. Either way, I’ll get to fixing it. On the other hand, I did a little update of the live music taping page. Upcoming events include Jamaica for the Caribbean Holidaze event where Benevento Russo Duo takes stage with the fantastic Umphrey’s McGee and Disco Biscuits. It will be good. I’m also hoping to take the gear with me. Fantastic tapes. Either way, winter will be warm in the tropics. Here is a taste of my taping page:My rig consists of Studio Project C4s running into an Apogee Mini-Me for A/D and then via SPDIF into my Microtrack 24/96 (usually at 24bit/48khz). I am proud to be a member of is a listing a shows which I have either recorded or helped transfer that are on the archive…

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