Ghostface Killah 04-09-2006 @ Starr Hill Music Hall

Ghostface Killah 04 09 2006 Starr Hill
Ghostface Killah of the former Wu Tang Clan brought a change to my usual concert jam band run. Opening up was M1 of Dead Prez and Beetnix, a local Charlottesville group. Hip-hop was in order for the night and Starr Hill brought the action as always. We arrived with Beetnix on the stage. I didn’t catch much but this C-Ville Beetnix has promise, catch em around town.

M1 of Dead Prez had what I thought was the best to offer. One of their tracks was a full call out of George W. Bush and his imperialistic take on how the USA should act. They call him out for starting illegal wars and torturing people and furthermore, they call out for us to take a deep look at how some of our leadership is terrorizing the rest of the world. I really enjoyed that track.

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When Ghostface finally got up there it was about 12:15 and the house was ready for him. They belted out the Wu Tang Clan prose with good style. At one point the turntable had some problem which prompted the band to start saying the sound guy fucking sucks or he is fucking up their shit. All things considered, the number of shows I’ve seen at Starr Hill, something leads me to think that it was their gear that was at fault as I hadn’t ever seen a full dropout on any equipment at the music hall, evah.

In the end, I felt that M1 was the beacon of positivie energy that was drowning in a torrential negative downpour. Why does the music have to promote “smacking bitches”. Physical Violence isn’t cool. Virtual violence, well that isn’t too bad, if it was virtual bitch smack down… I dunno. Violence sells, plain and simple but I went out and bought some M1 stuff. Ghostface, I doubt he’ll ever see any more money than what he got off the cut of my ticket.

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