U-Melt and Turkey Bouillon Mafia 04-08-2006 @ North by Northwest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

U-Melt 04-08-2006
North by Northwest hosted an extended jamming session by U-Melt and then a powerful performance by the co-headliners Turkey Bouillon Mafia. Starting off first, U-Melt brought two fantastic hours of improvised jams that truly showed their trademark organic progressive groove. I could gush over the sweet ass segues that were played in sequence with Have a Cigar > Red Star > The Fantastical Flight of Captain Delicious jamming, however you can hear it yourself from my tape archives.

I appreciate all the help from team sketch in getting this tape. It was a good time. Read more for thoughts and pics, links to the tape, etc.

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Turkey Bouillon Mafia 04-08-2006
Turkey Bouillon Mafia was an unknown for me going into the show. I got a very good tape of their show also, however the band requested that I send them a copy first. Perhaps they will help me track it out? Anyway, this set was solid with quite a bit of really good rock and roll. By the end the guys were feeling loose and the music showed true. I enjoyed the show and hope to see them further down south.

After all, its a freaking haul from VA!

There was a smaller crowd in house however the heart was present. North by Northwest can be described as a restaurant with a fairly large stage and dance floor near the back. Acoustics were pretty good and my tape turned out well.

Philadelphia, my first northern excursion (besides going to Maine to see Phish, but that doesn’t count)

U-Melt 04-08-2006 Audio
Turkey Bouillon Mafia

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