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4-20 Post: Drive By Truckers, Robert Randolph and the Family Band and Man Mountain Jr.

Tapers Stands at Robert Randolph
April Twentieth brought some good tunes to the C-Ville area. Headlining at the Charlottesville Pavilion was Robert Randolph and the Family Band. With his exciting rifts off the steel guitar, Robert Randolph is able to deliver a music performance worthy of laud. The concert was simply energized. Boyd Tinsley made a couple of appearances on stage in which he rocked so hard that Robert gave him props at one point, forgetting that he was still playing. Quite hilarious, they were having a great time up there. As usual, the band didn’t seem to want to leave as the encore ran over three songs.

Boyd Tinsley with Robert Randolph

The tapers were out in storm so I didn’t feel the need to get RRFB but I did do a 24/96 recording of Drive By Truckers, whom which opened for Robert Randolph. Drive by Truckers is an excellent southern band with a little whisky sound to them. They gave us right up to an hour of quality stuff, some of it was from their new CD. I enjoyed it and will post my tapes later.

Tucker from Man Mountain Jr.
Man Mountain Jr. laid down some supreme funk jam for the late revelers at R2 after the Pavilion concert. Their set included a guest trumpeter whom I believe I saw playing with the Hamiltons before. The sound was pure and alive as they improvised the setlist. Full props to these guys as they are always good. Look for the tape soon…

BJ of Man Mountain Jr.

Man Mountain Jr.

Drive-By Truckers:
24 Bit:
16 Bit:

Robert Randolph and the Family Band:
16 Bit:

Disco Biscuits 04-18-2006 @ Starr Hill Music Hall, Charlottesville, VA

Disco Biscuits 04-18-2006 Charlottesville Starr Hill
The Biscuits brought a CD release date to Charlottesville. With tremendous skill, these guys showed what a real jam band can do. The Biscuits brought a furry of dance and energy that hardly another band ever brings. Charlottesville welcomed the band with a line stretching around the venue to get in. I taped however due to a case of still being a noob I had the high gain on the minime still. The tape is just muddled but its all good, I know know and have already changed it to low gain. luckily a pair of kick ass neumans were running behind me. that source will be on the archive. yeah, like this means anything. Bisco played a furious Run Like Hell which was called out by a fellow taper whom which had over 130 disco biscuit shows under the belt as one of the best Runs ever. Helicopters made a great showing in the encore and the band really had the house rocking. my mics were dancing with everyone else as the floors gave to the groove. you could tell there was a slight mix of college students in the air as they wouldn’t shut up. Props to my blockers, sketch crew represented hard and full.
Disco Biscuits 04-18-2006 Starr Hill Charlottesville VA
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Ween 04-13-2006 @ Charlottesville Pavilion

Ween 04-13-2006 Charlotteville Pavilion
Ween rocked the open air Pavilion Thursday night in Charlottesville. They played some of my favorite tunes that I know of plus I found some new ones to love. Goofyness prevailed as we were on the receiving end of some wacky reggae along and other older ween displays that the band was having a good time. The encore lasted extra long with a full bow by the band at the end. Being that I wouldn’t consider myself a full Ween fan before the show, they rocked the house and I am totally willing to go see them where ever the are close. Read: Will travel for Ween.
Ween 04-13-2006 Charlottesville Pavilion

Peen 04-13-2006 Charlottesville Starr Hill
After the Pavilion show some of the late night revelers traveled to Starr Hill for the Peen show. Wackiness continued and everyone had a great time.
Peen 04-13-2006 Starr Hill Charlottesville
Notes about the venue:
I believe the pavilion was about half sold out as the crowd really only stretched from the stage to the soundboard. Don’t get me wrong though, that is still a whole lot of people. Up front the crowd was packed in there.

I taped it.

Ghostface Killah 04-09-2006 @ Starr Hill Music Hall

Ghostface Killah 04 09 2006 Starr Hill
Ghostface Killah of the former Wu Tang Clan brought a change to my usual concert jam band run. Opening up was M1 of Dead Prez and Beetnix, a local Charlottesville group. Hip-hop was in order for the night and Starr Hill brought the action as always. We arrived with Beetnix on the stage. I didn’t catch much but this C-Ville Beetnix has promise, catch em around town.

M1 of Dead Prez had what I thought was the best to offer. One of their tracks was a full call out of George W. Bush and his imperialistic take on how the USA should act. They call him out for starting illegal wars and torturing people and furthermore, they call out for us to take a deep look at how some of our leadership is terrorizing the rest of the world. I really enjoyed that track.

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North Mississippi All-Stars @ Starr Hill Music Hall 04-06-2006

North Mississippi All-Stars Starr Hill 04 06 2006
North Mississippi All-Stars came into Charlottesville last night and fucking rocked it out. Thats right, they blew the house up. If you missed the show, man, it was sick. The crowd was in synch with the band and everyone fed off of it. Buy the end of the second set nmas was jamming with the intensity of a crazy mississippi coon running for its life, knowing all along that its going to get away. With a full set running the whole time and an encore that lasted over four songs, nmas deserves recognition and applaud for their performance. surely, these north mississippi boys know how to party.

Torrent Link:

North Mississippi All-Stars Starr Hill 04 06 2006

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Pat McGee Band @ Starr Hill 04-04-2006 Charlottesville, VA

Pat McGee Band Starr Hill Charlottesville VA 04-04-2006
Yes I was there, Pat McGee is quite the talented band. they have a catchy sound and their lyrics are good. i wish the crowd was more willing to get down however what do you expect from people that watch mtv. ooo, i didn’t just say that. sorry, didn’t mean it. seriously, I’m just kidding. respect the sketcht, I’m all about the music, and Pat McGee has the right stuff.

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The Greyboy Allstars @ Starr Hill Music Hall – April 3, 2006

Greyboy Allstars Starr Hill Music Hall April 3 2006
Playing with the Greyboys, Karl Denson left his tiny universe and entered a complete galaxy of sound. The furous saxaphone was joined by the excellent high energy jamming ability of guitar player Elgin Park. Both Zak Najor and Chris Stillwell were in full control of the timing and funky get down on your self dance why don’t ya super beat. A solid performance all around. Smoking didn’t seem as heavy at the venue; I hope due to respect of the fact that Karl has to blow hard man. Sounds intertwine with his full furry and soul coming through that pipe. Respect for the Greyboys. They are Allstars.

Torrent Link:

Greyboy Allstars Starr Hill Music Hall April 3 2006
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Derek Trucks Band – Starr Hill, April 2, 2006

Derek Trucks Band Starr Hill April 2 2006
Derek came into Charlottesville on Sunday April 2, 2006. There was the usual crowd that was appreciative of his music. Derek is one of the most amazing guitarist that I have ever seen however, I just feel like he needs to rock it out a little more, I mean he is so amazingly precise, go for it man, you can jam and do it. As usual I was running late and caught the second set. A couple of highlights included Joyful Noise with a little Rasta Chant action. To the DTB’s credit they are Derek Truck’s band and thus he can do what he likes. The precision of his notes illustrates the sheer talent that this guy has. As usual, sketchy video in the more link.

I’m sketchy so you don’t have to be. Go see live music.

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The Hamiltons at Outback Lodge, April 01, 2006

The Hamiltons
The Hamiltons were the main act for Friday night following the always funky and talented Man Mountain Jr. With full stage of friends, the Hamiltons where some of the most soulful and true players of a great jazzy blues New Orleans sounding hometown music in Charlottesville. a full array of sounds that really brought some soul to the heart. . I especially enjoyed the saxophone sit in. catch them anytime to have a good time.

Sketchy Videos as usual. Remember folks, I’m sketchy so you don’t have to be, respect the bands. They kick ass. Pay for the music, go see live music!
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Garage Majal at Starr Hill

Garage Majal 03-28-2006
Garaj Mahal played Starr Hill on March 28, 2006. I arrived to the concert with a low turnout but the people that were there of course were enthusiastic. AB was there as usual, he is a good guy to pick up at shows. Garaj Mahal came out and started up with about 25 – 45 people. Another excellent person I met was Mountain who said, they would get the last tweaks to the sound done with the first song and then run with it. Mountain called it right on and Garaj Mahal took us on a ride. Their sound flowed like water as Kai Eckhardt would lay the funk bass coupled with Eric Levy’s slightly spacey keyboard. The drums were excellent, enough said. their drummer fan really bring a beat and keep the jam going. Fill in the guitar skill of Fareed Haque and you are presented with a full melodic journey full of jams. Speaking of jams, they rocked out the first set with some Parliament funk it up. second set the guys seemed more settled in and the crowd was definitely there then. i would put it at about 150. the main area was filled but no tapers. there was a good showing of friendly people, i felt that the crowd was very attentive and the band appreciated it. we yelled and cheered at the right times and in the end they rocked it out. For encore Fareed pulled out the classical guitar which has some extra cords. Someone mentioned the name, sitar. The show was nonsmoking which I believe is an artist preference or option. Starr Hill could go nonsmoking all together, just please, give us a set break. I felt that the crowd wanted a little more pow in the music though. I dunno maybe it is cville, we have a lot of energy in town and as someone said, biscuits might be the night the floor goes down. lets hope not but really i think if it did happen, no one would regret it, the energy would probably propel them into an oblivion of dance. some kids like that, it could be the way to go. back to garage, i am hoping to get the bootleg. I am staring a new part of this site, joe’s sketch pics and videos. Check em out. Yeah, all my shit is sketchy now. wasup. peace.

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