Energy Conservation Awareness Week, Tax Holiday October 5th – 8th

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October 1,


I am proud to announce this week
as Energy Conservation Awareness Week, which will be followed by our first
ENERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday event. I am encouraging Virginians to use energy
wisely and begin to explore how all of us can be more energy

The ENERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday
will take place from Friday, October 5 through Monday, October 8, 2007. During
this holiday, Everyone will be exempt from paying sales tax in Virginia on
ENERGY STAR qualified products that cost $2,500 or less, like compact
fluorescent light bulbs, ceiling fans, clothes washers, dehumidifiers,
dishwashers, programmable thermostats, refrigerators, and room air

As a first step to preserving
Virginia's energy resources and environment, I encourage you to replace at
least one incandescent bulb or fixture at home with one that has earned the
government's ENERGY STAR label
. If every state employee takes the pledge to
change just one bulb or fixture, we could save over 32 million kWh and prevent
over 45 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year! Please make this
simple, yet meaningful commitment by taking the online ENERGY STAR Change a
Light Pledge.

To be part of this effort, take
the pledge online at
You will be asked to fill in your name, email and zip code. You will also be
asked "Which organization referred you here, if any?" Please select "Virginia,
Commonwealth of" from the drop down list as the participating

I hope you'll join me in raising
public awareness of energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR products that will result
in Virginians taking action to conserve energy in our homes. With your help, we
can reduce energy bills and protect Virginia's natural resources. One Small
Step, One Simple Action – Big Savings!

Thank you for being part of the
movement to help make a difference.

Timothy M.

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