You Can Do iT!

You can do it everyone. An inspiration for the world. Right here is another version of the complete flow in which all creation blesses the web. In other words, suck down this internet junk. Enjoy!

The next step in multimedia ladies and gentlemen. The first ever, podcast. JoeKiller and Crazyredbeard discuss the meanderings of the universe as well as current music events coming up around the east coast. Listen for some phatty tunes and a different take on life. This podcast features announcements of upcoming Crazyredbeard Events such as the October 19, Fiasco in Allentown, PA at the Brew Works with Funtown, as well as NYE plans. Cheak out for more information. Our featured tracks are of Natural Breakdown’s CD release party September, 8 2007. Enjoy our presentation. We will bring these every Tuesday from now on.
We also just want to give a shout out to monkeys. And midgets. You’ll see.

Click Here for the show

read it out
h t t p : / / / . . com

Our levels suck and any other broadcast is used within fair use.


Sorry, screwed up the upload!! That’s how it goes people. Next week will be more smooth, I swear!

It should work as of Monday, 8:45 AM EST. check back then.

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