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Windows Setup Load driver for NVMe m2 PCIe intel disk missing

TLDR: Switch your BIOS out of UEFI only and enable legacy boot options and legacy boot mode. Put the BIOS in classic mode etc. After install you can put it back to UEFI mode.

Background: Installing Windows on a new machine using UEFI mode only can result in Windows Setup not finding you disk or asking you to install a driver for your Intel Chipset and even if you happen to find it on Intel’s website, it won’t find the disk. It’ll say,

Load driver

No new devices drivers were found

No new devices drivers were found. Make sure the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK.

For anyone who ran servers this’ll bring back broadcom raid driver hell flashbacks. The funny thing is I run Arch Linux and drivers have never been a problem in UEFI mode but Window’s Setup is an old dog it seems.

I had a hard time and even finally gave up and engaged Dell support. I flashed the drive with the latest firmware. Confirmed it works on another PC.  Dell support tried but they didn’t have this one in the database. Finally somehow I decided to try putting the BIOS back into classic mode and enabled legacy boot options and tried again and Windows saw the drive fine. I let Dell know how to fix it just in case someone else had it but then I saw the same issue on Twitter so i wrote this post. Hopefully no one else is in the dark on this.

Enable legacy boot options