HB1443 is common sense

Stop wasting money on weed by telling your local Virginia General Assembly member to support HB1443: http://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?111+sum+HB1443

Find your representative here: http://conview.state.va.us/whosmy.nsf/Main?openform

Here is a sample letter you could send:

Delegate Toscano and Senator Deeds,

I urge you to support Delegate Morgan’s HB 1443 that is proposed for the upcoming session. As budgets are… squeezed, instead of laying off teachers or public safety officials, the state should quit taking an interest in subsidizing the persecution of private activities which some do not agree with. The facts are that non-violent marijuana offenders are the least of the state or law enforcements worries. Marijuana consumption is widely accepted as safer than alcohol or cigarettes yet it is much more regulated. Enforcing prejudice against a non-intrusive lifestyle choice is not in the government’s interest. It criminalizes otherwise law abiding citizens and breeds distrust where otherwise none is warranted. Substances abuse is a medical problem not a criminal problem. Help Virginia get on the right track by supporting HB 1443.


Happy November 13th!

Hello everyone!

My my, this is quite a dead blog right?  WRONG!  IT LIVES!

Look I can hz pictures!   How about one per month since this thing has been updated?

Phish 12.05.09 John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA

For the first time in fifteen years, Phish is coming to Charlottesville.   Moving up from Trax and U-Hall, the quartet has graduated to the JPJ.  I don’t think it would be a stretch to propose that this is all Coran’s doing.  Thank you Mr. music mogul.  Between the Jefferson opening around November and Phish landing in December, Charlottesville looks to be resurrecting some musical spirits.  This will actually be Phish’s eighth concert in the city.  Check out the stats of their previous trips below.  Note that their 1990 concert is not included as they have no known setlist.  These statistics are from the original Phish stats site, ZZYZX’s Phish Stats site.

Shows Selected

  • 2/21/91 Trax, Charlottesville, VA
  • 7/24/91 Trax, Charlottesville, VA
  • 11/15/91 Trax, Charlottesville, VA
  • 3/25/92 Trax, Charlottesville, VA
  • 7/15/92 Trax, Charlottesville, VA
  • 10/27/94 University Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

78 songs have been played (11% of songs Phish have played).
The average number of songs per show is 23.1.
The average amount of times each song was played is 1.78.
There were 39 onetimers

Total Times Played

Golgi Apparatus – 5 (83%)
My Sweet One – 5
Split Open and Melt – 5
Cavern – 4 (66%)
Chalk Dust Torture – 4
Suzy Greenberg – 4
Bouncing Around the Room – 3 (50%)
Divided Sky – 3
Guelah Papyrus – 3
Possum – 3
Sparkle – 3
The Landlady – 3
The Squirming Coil – 3
All Things Reconsidered – 2 (33%)
Bathtub Gin – 2
Big Black Furry Creature From Mars – 2
Contact – 2
David Bowie – 2
Fee – 2
Glide – 2
Harry Hood – 2
I Am Hydrogen – 2
Llama – 2
Maze – 2
Mike’s Song – 2
Poor Heart – 2
Reba – 2
Run Like an Antelope – 2
Silent in the Morning – 2
Stash – 2
The Horse – 2
The Lizards – 2
Tweezer – 2
Tweezer Reprise – 2
Uncle Pen – 2
Weekapaug Groove – 2
Wilson – 2
Ya Mar – 2
You Enjoy Myself – 2
Buried Alive – 1 (16%)
Colonel Forbin’s Ascent – 1
Cracklin’ Rosie – 1
Destiny Unbound – 1
Dinner and a Movie – 1
Down With Disease – 1
Eliza – 1
Esther – 1
Foam – 1
Frankenstein – 1
Funky Bitch – 1
Highway To Hell – 1
Horn – 1
I Didn’t Know – 1
Icculus – 1
It’s Ice – 1
Jesus Just Left Chicago – 1
Julius – 1
Lawn Boy – 1
Love You – 1
McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters – 1
Mound – 1
My Friend My Friend – 1
Rhombus Narration – 1
Rift – 1
Runaway Jim – 1
Setting Sail – 1
Slave to the Traffic Light – 1
Sleeping Monkey – 1
Sweet Adeline – 1
Tela – 1
The Asse Festival – 1
The Curtain – 1
The Famous Mockingbird – 1
The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony – 1
The Sloth – 1
The Vibration of Life – 1
Tube – 1
Vacuum Solo – 1

Full setlists from Phish.net:


  • 1990-10-10 (Trax, Charlottesville, VA (No Known Setlist)




  • 1994-10-27 (University Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA)


  • 2009-12-05 (John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA)

Watch UVA on ESPN360.com, Thoughts on Steaming Television

Well it appears that Comcast struck a deal with ESPN360.com to open the streaming up to their customers.  I happened to notice this by luck, checking the 360 site for today’s Clemson game.  How happy was I to discover full access to the site, no logins, and all the steaming goodness of college football

A side thought, I am running an old Pentium 4 into the TV that I picked up from work.   Working with an ATI Remote Wonder, I am able to navigate Hulu’s desktop app and control the ESPN360 nearly seamlessly.  Cable and the TiVo’s collection of my favorite programs will be missed, but on demand Internet steaming is definitely the future. Hopefully local television and their parent companies will realize the future and offer web based steaming of their local broadcast.  Being able to queue up your own program is nice, but sometimes I enjoy letting the pros figure out the schedule.  How about some XML based broadcast exchange.  You want a program, you submit a request for the steam, and different companies compete to fill the request.  Queuing for each section of programming is on half hour increments to all help with bidding and some standard of which commercials may be inserted.  You choose your broadcast company.  They know what you like, sorta how Netflicks knows how you like your movies, they the multiplex steams of your taste.  Some steams are traditional scheduled based broadcast while others are a dynamic blend based off of your preferences.  Broadcasters are paid off of the value of their steam, just like normal television, and the multiplexers sell their audience. Everyone wins.

Digital TV Transition Nets Charlottesville High Defintion Channels

Prior to the DTV transition, Charlottesville had two channels for high definition content,  NBC-29 and WHTJ-41 in the valley.  Running the TV through auto program today reveals that every channel is running in some sort of HD now.  This is exciting as most programs are shot in HD now.  More sports and news in HD.  I like that.

Here is the breakdown:

  • 16-1 ABC16 720p
  • 16-2 CBS19 480i
  • 19-1 CBS19 1080i
  • 19-2 19NOW 480i
  • 19-3 FOX27 480i
  • 27-1 FOX27 720p
  • 27-2 MyCvill 480i
  • 29-1 NBC29HD 1080i
  • 29-2 Wx+ 480i
  • 29-3 CW29 480i
  • 41-1 WHTJ-HD 1080i
  • 41-2 WHTJ-D2 480i
  • 41-3 WHTJ-D3 480i

Having all the channels in HD is exciting.  I’ve found that the extra weather channels on the side are useful.  The extra feature makes the weather channel a necessasity of the past.  If there are other channels any one has found.  Let me know.

Spring Fever!

Hello everyone!  Pleased to meet your acquaintance.  This here is a blog and by golly we are going to blog some.

Phish Hampton 3/7/2009

Hey look at these guys!  If you didn’t know, Phish reunited on March 7, 2009 in Hampton, Virginia to rock our brains out.  Touting their Phish economic stimulus plan and scheduling tour dates around the country for summer, Phish ensures that all Hooters will serve a week’s worth of wings with beer and the local gas stations will have no Camel Lights for quite some time.  Indeed these are quite exciting times for all corner stores within a 2 mile radius of any venue.  For Seven Eleven specifically, I suggest they stock up on Doritos and that nacho cheese stuff… quite tasty.

How does three nights of potential and almost five years of waiting feel and sound like when these guys hit the stage?  The crush of the crowd against the gates to go through the checkpoint was picking people off their feet.  Inside the venue people would sprint be sprinting right to buy a poster, left to get some Page side action.  Finally the lights went out and it was on!   Have a listen to this fluffy fluffy head opener in juicy 24-bit [Right click to save as FLAC] or poser low end [MP3].

Some debate has gone into what the opener meant for the band.  Fluff Head is quite symbolic for its lack of being played for so long.  In the end, after Phish played songs from ever album they had, the song had one meaning.  They are back baby.

In closing, Phish is back and this is a real post.  You lucky people, this site has various side projects that never hit the scene.  Perhaps soon I will utilize some of the potential of the intertubes to deliver music.  I think it is getting cheap enough!  Fear not for I cannot let this crappy site die!


In Loving Memory of Joseph Harry Scales Jr.

Joseph H. Scales Jr. of Greenville, South Carolina, formerly of Fife, Virginia in Goochland County, went to be with his Lord on December 27, 2008. He is survived by his wife of fifty- years, Roselle Faulconer Scales and by his daughter, Mary Scales Lawson and her husband Dr. Jeffrey Lawson of Greenville. He was predeceased by a daughter, Grace Scales Yoder of Fairfax, Virginia. He is survived by her husband and wife, Joe and Patty Yoder. Mr. Scales is also survived by four grandchildren and two step-grandchildren: Roselle Lawson Bonnoitt of Greenville, S. C.; Margaret Lawson Meadows, of Jacksonville, Fla; Joseph Scales Lawson of Charlottesville, Va; Caroline Yoder of Nashville, Tennessee; and Madeline Yoder and Grace Yoder of Oakton, Virginia. He is also survived by two sisters, Grace Scales Evans of Maryland and Anne Scales Sims of Cascade, Virginia. He was predeceased by a brother, Edgar Forrest Scales and a sister, Elizabeth DeShazo .


Mr. Scales served his country in World War II as a Pacific based pilot in the U. S. Air Corps. His professional occupation was that of a conservationist. He worked 29 years as District Conservationist in Goochland, Fluvanna and Powhatan Counties for the United States Department of Agriculture. He was one of the first to pass the Virginia State soil scientist exam. After retirement, he established a private consulting firm dealing with the practice of soil and water conservation. He designed many lakes in the state of Virginia.


He served as Sunday School superintendent and was an elder for many years in Byrd Presbyterian Church, Goochland Virginia. He was a delegate to the General Assembly in 1974 for the Presbytery of the James.


Through the years, Joe received many awards and commendations. In 1985 he was chosen to be Grand Marshall in the Goochland Day Parade. He served as President of the Goochland Historical Society, the Goochland Farm Bureau, the Ruritan Club, and the Soil District Supervisors. He also served on the board of zoning appeals of Goochland County for 12 years. In 1974-75 the Monacan Soil and Water Conservation District recognized Joe as largely responsible for its winning first place in the Goodyear Conservation Award and runners up in 1975-76.


The ultimate highlight for Joe was following his move from Goochland to Greenville to be nearer his daughter and medical facilities. This came when the Goochland Historical Society and the Goochland Garden Club honored him and his wife with a reception and presentation of a tray on which was engraved: “Joseph H. and Roselle F. Scales – In grateful appreciation for your devotion to and active involvement in the life of Goochland County, Virginia for more than 50 years.” Then later, the Goochland County Historical Society dedicated their magazine to Joe and his wife.


Born in Cascade, Virginia, March 21, 1922, he was the son of Grace Fitts and Joseph Harry Scales. He attended Virginia Polytecnic Institute prior to World War II. After the war, he completed his studies and graduated from the University of Virginia.


 Grandfather, you will be missed.

Post Goal: Modified

Joe Stares

Since the beginning of time people have set goals. Sometimes they are accomplished but in my case, it has been altered. The goal of course was to post every month. Looking at the February 29th post I come to realize that this goal is now unobtainable. I now present Post Goal: Modified, the calibrated precision strike post.

Camp Bisco 7 Lotus Late Night

Third set, third night, Disco Biscuits at Camp Bisco 7; amazing indeed, complete with glowstick war. That is the stuff that makes you keep going. Sometimes the biscuits are a miss in the grand scheme but damn if they didn’t hit the funk and flow that makes you do the get down all night and many many weeks to follow. Prior sets obviously build up to the moment, but not even knowing the songs, where the hell the segues are or any other information, I am struck at the amazing beauty the lies with the music on a true journey in which songs meld and float with the same ease of strange liquids oil and water interact almost directly only to coagulate in some strange harmony.

Camp Bisco 7 Disco Biscuits

Oh yeah this post just went disjunct on your ass.  Anyway, the real reason for all is to announce the grand return of pod casts.  We have for everyone two.  The first was recorded June 30th and never really made it out the door.  You may listen to six is almost infinity and experience a strange sense of traveling back in time.  This is a normal sensation.

Please travel with the poogie woogie disco duck to return to present day.  There with the duck is a tepid pool which brings a trance of cunning to all those which drink from it.  Please be careful as it is only approved for duck consumption.

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