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welcome true believers. my name is monsieur lion-o. some know me as a painting dervish. a daredevil with a halo and a crazy red beard…

…why am i here, you might be wondering? well why are you? if you can tell me that, then i might be inclined to crack open the spine of my own personal history for you. i like to tell stories. ask my friend wierd jimmy. he’ll tell you. in fact, if we ever have an In Tents experience together, i’ll have him tell you one THROUGH me. it’s at least something to behold.

so here’s the deal. you’re all in for some mental diarrhea. you’ll either get it or you won’t. for some of you, it’ll be IT. for others, it’ll be just another literary fart in the wind. either way, it’s coming whether you like it or not.

so, that being said. welcome. welcome. and welcome again.

i’m spider-man. the author of the sipder files.

welcome to a new thing (same as the old thing).

enjoy the decadence. enjoy the decade dance. enjoy, enjoy, in JOY!!!!