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Participating in Season 3 of Ready Steady Pan

I participated in a competitive Team Fortress 2 tournament, aka an e-sports competitive video games tournament. My journey took place over eight weeks with a scramble weekend to sign up plus seven weeks of the regular season. We did not make the post season. It was a journey in pan play beyond even what the great degroot_keep offers. With over 10,000 kills on my Golden Frying Pan this tournament meant I got to test my mantle of pan with champions.

The journey nearly was halted before I could even begin. My awareness of this tournament was brought forth around the 20th of October when an update came through saying, “Added Ready Stead Pan Season 3 tournament medals”.

TF2 Update Released


I was intrigued and googled the first image I saw was:


Oh no! Panicked, I read more and instantly was relieved!


After some hesitation of entering such a tournament I jumped into the forums and laid it all out to find a team. With my Golden Frying Pan there was no way I was missing out. The tournament was calling.



With just over 24 hours until the deadline and no one replying to my post, I hit the Discord chat and found my team. We were formed in the last seconds. A ragtag bunch looking for glory in the Fortress world.

The team was named “we exist guys“, team number 648. Literally the last team made. We existed only in the last moments before sign ups finished. Our team was completely formed in the extension of the signups.


Only time would tell how my newly found comrades and I would fare. Our roster was a colorful bunch: Team Captains: Diamond and “Carl, Good to see you” followed by spacy, Axie, Dell Conaghr RSP???, red box, joekiller (myself), – VH – SnakeFawdz, and Burnt Venom.

The first week was tense and fun. King of the Hill was the game mode. Matches were played until a side reached three wins. To win a team needed to hold the capture point, the hill, for three minutes. Lacking any offensive projectile weapons, the game played out curiously compared to other first person shooter environments. With five player classes allowed there was a variance on speed and health. Players took anywhere from three to six hits to take down and all combat was melee frying pans only. There were no lucky critical hits; only loud frying pan clanging engagements. Here you could stare down an opponent for seconds beckoning each other in awkward strafing dances trying to just bring the other’s hit box within one’s own range. Overwhelming numbers were the name of the game. With a frenzied start the game quickly gave way to one side but with health slow to get to people had to leave the point leaving opportunity for lesser numbered engagements, 1 on 1, 2 on 2, etc.


In the end our team was outmatched once however all the others, despite the final scores, were closely contested. We played 5 of the 7 matches ending up with a record of 3 – 4, 2 – 3 in matches plus one win and loss from forfeit, but it felt closer to 5-2. We vanquished what turned out to be the bottom two teams and were squashed by The Knights of Nye in a shocking 6 minutes and 6 seconds. Other matches took between 18 to 30 minutes. We held our own against the mid tier teams, even the Knights of Nye whom made the playoffs. The team improved over time and had fun.


But of course this was journey for championing the Golden Pan. How was it? For three of five matches I was in the top. Ending the season I had 155 kills, 43 assists,106 deaths, and put out a total of 35,189 damage (about 281 scouts). The road was hard but the Golden Pan usually rang more than any other each match. With a solid 2.06 Kill and Assists per death ratio the pan performed well. It was a great journey and in the end everyone will get a Tournament Medal. GG’s everyone.


Kills Assists Deaths Damage Damage/Minute Kill and Assists / Death Kills / Death Damage Taken Damage taken / Minute HP* Capture Point Captures

Week 1 20 10 25 6191 287 1.2 0.8 6061 281 28 3
Week 3 36 10 10 7227 385 4.6 3.6 4985 266 55 4
Week 4 45 13 40 9649 364 1.4 1.1 9084 342 63 9
Week 5 2 2 8 1170 190 0.5 0.3 1952 317 7 0
Week 7 52 8 23 10952 371 2.6 2.3 8169 277 76 9
Totals or Average 155 43 106 35189 30251 229 25
Averages 31 8.6 21.2 7037.8 319.4 2.06 1.62 6050.2 296.6 5

HP is “Health pickup rating: Small 1p, Medium 2p, Large 4p”


Week 1

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5
B4nny Merc for Top Team Note: Not related to our team but b4nny is a popular player and the top team is playing.

Week 7

New Turn Based Strategy Game: Galactic Civilizations II

Yes it’s time for a geek post. Since I was a little child, I have always appreciated a good PC game. Having acquired quite a large library of PC games I think I am qualified to recommend games.

That being said, lets talk about Galactic Civilizations II, a turn based strategy game from the independent developer Stardock Systems. What we have here is a genuine 4X strategy that aspires to be fun and intuitive like Civilization 4 in borrowing some new interface designs. The game is available for download directly or in stores. I am unsure if it is at Best Buy or EB Games here in the ‘ville just yet (course your know Gamestop doesn’t have it as their PC selection sucks). I will post up some more impressions as I get further into the game however, I urge anyone who loves a good strategy game to check this one out.